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Obligatory pose at the entrance to the Park HQ.

Nearby a company 4×4 stands. Petrol here costs more than twice the standard price, transported by 11-hour boat trips.04-02-2007-08-52-44.JPG

Then a pleasant stroll across the fast-flowing (esp. in rainy season) Melinau River, to the Park HQ complex proper.04-02-2007-10-45-30.JPG

But be careful. If a bunch of fatsos crash this suspension footpath, a lot of people would be extremely upset.02-02-2007-16-16-05.JPG

While suspended in the air, look out for colourful tourist boats whizzing below.04-02-2007-08-57-53.JPG

Or the odd kid-studying-for-important-exam-when-he-gets-back-from-the-jungles on a fast boat ride.03-02-2007-08-44-01.JPG

Empty tourist boats moored on the other side. Make sure they have life-vests, serviceable ones at that. 04-02-2007-08-48-15.JPG

The Melinau River is normally shallow with exposed rocky bed. Rains in the previous days have made it look vicious. It’s part of the park border – Mulu National Park on right side, normal land to the left.04-02-2007-09-00-40.JPG

On the other side of the river, it is Mulu National Park territory, and you won’t miss the Park HQ main building.03-02-2007-08-34-31.JPG

Looks much better when the sun is out.

Friendly and helpful staff await you. Don’t be shy.03-02-2007-14-29-56.JPG

Opposite, a glassy overview of the Park. Very well done.04-02-2007-10-44-02.JPG

Boardwalk to the lodgings and the all-important Cafe Mulu, with the guard house on the right …03-02-2007-08-18-28.JPG

… where you can have delightful chats with the locals.03-02-2007-08-31-21.JPG

This is a wonderland! Very well-landscaped, it’s the perfect base to explore Mulu NP. 04-02-2007-09-23-47.JPG

Accommodation in comfy setting.02-02-2007-14-57-14.JPG

A home away from home.

The perfect place to laze and doze off. 02-02-2007-15-05-13.JPG

And to observe flora …02-02-2007-14-57-36.JPG

… or fauna, just an arm’s length away. A Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing.04-02-2007-08-31-06.JPG

Or you can choose a more spartan place.03-02-2007-13-01-43.JPG

Cafe Mulu is just next door, the only F&B outlet on campus. 04-02-2007-08-46-30.JPG

A relaxed, (fresh) air-y mood permeates the spot.03-02-2007-12-57-52.JPG

A great place to have a drink and unwind.03-02-2007-12-58-13.JPG

A modest menu, but tasty fare on show. Perishables are air-delivered from Miri in the morning passenger planes, others by day-long boat trips, so do expect to pay a bit of premium.

Iddylic view from Cafe Mulu … I feel like dozing off already …03-02-2007-12-57-36.JPG

Cell-phone coverage is reasonable (thanks to telcos for spotting a major tourism site), otherwise you can try this public phone here …03-02-2007-12-57-08.JPG

… linked to the outside world by good old-fashioned wireless. So too all the HQ’s phones, faxes and internet. But quality has been poor, and internet speed excruciatingly slow …03-02-2007-14-18-43.JPG

… until they installed this puppy last month, which gets everybody excited. But should I tell them about satellite latency and such? Naaaaah! 02-02-2007-16-14-51.JPG

Rainwater is also collected and conserved here.04-02-2007-10-21-46.JPG

Can’t expect less from a premier eco-tourism promoter, right? 😀04-02-2007-10-22-08.JPG

All trails into Mulu NP virtually start at the Park HQ, which is apt since you have to register here before entering the forest anyway.04-02-2007-08-23-17.JPG

There are boardwalked trails to some popular sites, to save you from sloshing and sliding around in the water-logged riverine forests.04-02-2007-08-27-04.JPG

Yes, this area is a swampy jungle.

Educational material are well-displayed at strategic places. Very readable indeed.




A simple walk around the Park HQ and you start noticing all these beautiful Creations. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. 02-02-2007-16-59-58.JPG



I’m looking for a plant to treat brain damage. 04-02-2007-08-38-49.JPG











A Common Sandpiper, normally a water-bird, but at the moment, off-duty. 02-02-2007-15-34-23.JPG