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Morning, 22nd August 2007. We travel 60km northeast of Kuta, to the town of Semarapura in the district of Klungkung, to visit Kertha Gosa, the Hall of Justice. For orientation, see Bali map HERE.

There’s a museum in the compound, housed in an old Dutch building. Most of Bali’s royal families came from the old Klungkung dynasty, which ruled the ‘Golden Age’ of Bali for almost 300 yrs from the 17th century, to be ended in 1908 when a royal mass suicide (puputan) occurred against Dutch invaders. img_3220.JPG

The Hall of Justice is the small building at the right of the moat. To the left is the Floating Pavilion. Both dating from early 18th century.


There used to be a grand palace here, where great kings ruled Bali from late 17th century, to be destroyed by the Dutch in the infamous puputan of 1908.img_3222-1.JPG

Inside the Hall of Justice, where the learned judge deliberated.img_3242.JPG

Look up to see beautifully painted ceiling, telling of Balinese mythology, which originated from Hindu mythology.img_3243.JPG

Read more about fascinating Kertha Gosa HERE and HERE. img_3244.JPG

Next to Kertha Gosa is the moated Bale Kambang or Floating Pavilion.

More info on the pavilion can be found HERE. img_3248.JPG

Entrance to the pavilion, with the usual coterie of guardians.dscn4302.JPG

Under the roof of the open pavilion, lies the main attraction.

More ceiling paintings, telling of heaven and hell.img_3232.JPG

Intricate sequence of paintings like a comic strip, with the mythical garuda bird on guard.img_3234.JPG

Looks gruesome, this must be hell.img_3235.JPG

Peaceful scene here, heaven it is.img_3239.JPG

From the pavilion, we gaze down to the moat and garden.img_3237.JPG

At the edge of the pavilion, a sentry stands for centuries.

Way out of the pavilion, via the way we came up, the only access point.

Surrounding the moat which surrounds the pavilion, more guards, such as this grinning fellow. img_3249.JPG

Also a pleasant-looking lady guardian … looks Chinese to me …img_3250.JPG

… but in the (destroyed palace) ground, mean-looking creatures, such as this one …img_3230.JPG

… and this one.

Though this guys looks a bit more intellectual; could be a mythical royalty or warrior.dscn4300.JPG

An ancient pura sits in the compound. Any royal residence must have a pura befitting its status. Entry only for prayers.

Bali Hinduism (of the Dharma flavour) regards white and yellow as sacred colours.img_3224.JPG

Next to the compound, home-made weather stations in action. Bali has windy weather most of the time, and marathon kite-flying is a favourite pastime.img_3216.JPG

Late morning and we depart Semarapura, the capital of the Klungkung district. Next stop is Besakih.

To be continued …