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Bruges, 16th May 2009

I am loitering in the historical centre of the medieval city of Bruges, a Unesco World Heritage Site, when I hear some rumbling noise – looks like a bunch of old-bike enthusiasts are dropping by for lunch.

The thousand-year-old Burg Square.

Two machines are parked in the square, while the rest under the shade at the edge of the square.

A not-too-old Triumph.

The Magnificent Men and their Rumbling Machines.

Harley-Davidson – a WLA model, built for the US Army during WW2.

It comes with a standard-issue US Army spade too.

Close-up of the WLA details. Speedo goes to 120mph.

And then there’s a Norton.

Looks like Model 19 from 1927.

Norton and Harley together.

But this New Imperial is the grand-daddy of them all – built 1927 in Birmingham, all 300cc of it. Looks like a bicycle.

It’s amazing how such ancient machines are still humming along nicely, with tender loving care for sure.


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