07: Malaysia > Sarawak > Mulu > KL to Mulu

Friday, 2 Feb 2007

7.20am, and Aina, my Traveler-in-Training (TiT) settles in for her ride. Flight AK5254, Airbus A320 reg. 9M-AFA.

Outside, activities picking up.

Airborne on schedule, and are soon above Kota Warisan.
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Somewhere over Pahang, and beautiful fluffy morning clouds.

Less then half full, this plane.

Crossing Sarawak coastline, then left turn to approach Miri Airport, MYY.

After left turn, aiming for MYY Runway 02.

Braking hard along R02.

Taxiing to ramp.

Parking near Gate A3, and no aerobridge for us, el cheapos.

Yes, there!

Crowd for the return leg to KL. From KL, 9M-AFA will travel on to Phuket.

Huge flat vacant land at the southern end of the runway.

Actual GPS track of AK5254, KUL-MYY, on 2/2/07.kulmyyak5254020207ws1a.jpg

We have a 3-hr layover in Miri before catching the flight to Mulu.

Baggage collection area and Mulu hits you in the face.

Main lobby of MYY.

Exterior, looking northwards. Shades of KLIA.

View to the south.

Driveway, and no policemen in sight.

Taxi rank, and public carpark to the right.

At the northern end of main building, access roads and modest control tower.

Back inside the terminal, ground floor.

X-ray machines before check-in counters.

Shops on first floor. Not patronised at all.

Nice ‘sleeping’ chairs on ground floor, the type travellers (not tourists) love! Aina catches up with her Sudoku while mom scans the paper.

Departure area on spacious first floor.

Inside departure lounge.

More waiting, but plane to Mulu (MZV) on schedule. good.gif

Taking off in light rain, with many bumps, and dropping down a couple of times, FAX Flight #D7-2234 soon clears the mess.

Cruising, but still with a bit of shake.

10min later, descending above Sg Tutoh.

A house in a clearing in the forest, next to an expressway – the river. This is Penan country. Berawan folks also live here.

Approaching MZV Runway 03.

Landed, and making a U-turn at the end of R03.

Terminal in sight. Scenic.

Complete halt, and baggage handlers off the mark.

‘Guests’ making their way out.

Still good interior for an old plane, though the cabin reeks of musty, sour odour. Btw, this flight attendant speaks perfect English. good.gif

There she is, the venerable Fokker-50, reg. 9M-MGB. My previous flight on a similar machine was way back ’92!

The terminal at last.

Welcome to Mulu. Aina is the babe of the family, the only one still staying with us, the other 5 kids have flown the coop! So she has to tag along with us, for better or for worse.

Baggage collection.

Way out, and a cute, shy security lady stands in the way.

Now where are the caves, and the bats, and the pinnacles, and the long boats, …?

But first a quick look around MZV, an airport in the middle of the jungle. The front of the terminal building …Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

… and awesome limestone mountains loom to the east.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And some lame ones to the north.
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The only metal road in Mulu, going southwest, past Mulu National Park HQ just 1km ahead, and then Royal Mulu Resort further down the road.
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Porch of MZV terminal and I spot a lonely beaten-up van.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yes, our transport to Mulu National Park HQ, where we are putting up. Run by a private venture, I wonder how they haul this old crate all the way to Mulu, when there is no real road from anywhere. 😕Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

To be continued …