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Day 1
This is my second visit to Krabi in less than a year (thanks to el-cheapo fares from AirAsia), and as usual I stay at Aonang Beach, where the long-tailed boats are both a popular transport, and a local attraction esp. when backdropped against the limestone promontory.

Out in the open Andaman sea, there are the familiar islands of Poda, Chicken plus some minor ones.

But to me, Aonang Beach gives one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen anywhere.

People just love to congregate at the beach to witness the spectacular event, including an elderly German couple from Berlin escaping sub-zero winter back home.

Dusk at Aonang is never a dull period.

Well-heeled visitors can choose which sea creatures to be devoured at a seaside open-air eatery …

… while fast-food fans can marvel at the mind-boggling combos of pancakes on offer at a stall.

A taxi-bike zooms past with its uniformed operator, a cheap and ubiquitous form of local transport.

A stroll along the beach front at this time of the day is always a pleasure.

In the darkening dusk sky, I spot the planet Venus sandwiched between a cococut tree and a tsunami warning tower, complete with horns.

Night markets in Thailand always reveal the creativity of their people, so do visit them if you have the chance.

Day 2

A long day today, especially after the 360km return roadtrip to Phuket we just had. As I rest at my balcony, some 80m away, a rooftop bar is getting ready for the evening … with a couple of sheilas at the billabong.

We decide to do another sunset-watching, so we saunter over to Aonang Beach, a few hundred metres away.

A section of the spectators are already being mesmerised by the display.

My own model decides to get into the act, with her new beach slippers …

…while a couple of extras soon appear.

The sun meekly disappears behind some clouds just above the horizon, so nothing as spectacular as yesterday’s.

A walk back to the hotel passes by the usual suspects.

Along the way we grab come chicken padthai noodles and other goodies.

Not a bad dinner to end the day, come to think of it. Hopefully another interesting day tomorrow. biggrin.gif

Day 3

After a few hours of loitering in Krabi, we are back at wonderful Aonang. It’s hot and dry now, and peak season for the Europeans escaping their wintry homelands.

One of the side lanes is full of colourful eateries, and at night, they are even more colourful to attract patrons. The Thais are very good at this, tricking the moths to crowd the lamps.

Next door, a sheila climbs to the roof-top billabong I showed before.

The sun is still high up, so we decide to walk to Noppharat Beach, another great site just 30min away by foot. Looking east, Aonang is just behind that limestone hill.

While Aonang Beach is 1.5km long, this Noppharat Beach is 2.0km, but not as crowded as Aonang.

The familiar limestone islands can be easily spotted from here.

The sole main road runs parallel to the beach on the left, and next to it, a footpath snakes along the sand.

Among the bushes and trees, I find a nice spot to stalk the bikes, babes, and tuk-tuks, not necessarily in that order. smile.gif

After two successive sunsets at Aonang, we figure we should try Noppharat for a change today. And we are not disappointed with our unwitting models.

Even the blob of a dead jellyfish gets into the act.

Of course for some, it’s time to savour a pretty romantic event.

Unwilling to walk the 30-min path back to Aonang, uphill some more, we hail a tuk-tuk, with a baby-sitting driver.

Aonang Beach is as photogenic as ever.

And people are still crowding the benches and footpath facing the beach.

We merrily continue with our window-shopping. The shops facing Aonang Beach are a pleasure to browse.

But dinner is never far from our minds.

We join the waiting hoi polloi for our chow to be ready.

At last … dinner for two, anyone? biggrin.gif

Day 4

Final day in Aonang, and as we pack our stuff, I go to the balcony for a final look at the all-too-familiar limestone behemoth. I wonder if I could climb it one fine day.

Suddenly I hear loud female chatterings and revving of motor-bikes. A girl-gang terrorising the neighbourhood?

Then a mobile sales guy appears …

… with headless freshwater fish to hawk.

We pop down to our lobby cum breakfast cafe for a bite. Our room is right above the yellow bank. We have been sleeping over piles of cash all this while.

We duly check out, and as we wait for our airport cab, I loiter around a souvenir shop. Never seen a phalanx of coloured toads before.

Leaving Aonang for the airport, and we pass the uncompleted Aonang Mosque. Not much change since I was last here in June 2008 – see pic HERE. Short of cash, maybe?

We arrived at the Krabi airport in good time, and landed at KLIA 15min ahead of schedule, thanks to AirAsia AK863.



9 Responses to “Thailand > Krabi Aonang Again”

  1. azizul on 15 Feb 2011 at 1415 #

    salam En Naim,

    Saya ingin mendapatkan info tentang hotel Encik Naim sekeluarga menginap di Krabi,Thailand. Jika ade nombor phoone atau fax, lagi bagus.

  2. naim on 15 Feb 2011 at 2030 #

    Sorry, Azizul, I don’t have any contact numbers, but you can easily google them: “The Palace Aonang Resort” & “The Verandah Aonang”. Very close to beach, shops and eating places.

  3. leanna on 05 May 2011 at 1541 #

    Assalam en naim..

    I’ve been eye-ing between these two hotel for my next trip to Krabi this end of May. So nak tau la, between the palace dgn the verandah, yg mane yg lebih bagus & convenient? I mean, location wise & the room condition..

    Hope to hear from u again..


  4. naim on 25 May 2011 at 1051 #

    Sorry for late reply. Verandah is on a side street, so it’s much quieter. Room-wise both are similar. Both hotels are close to the beach, halal foods, McD, etc. Have a great trip to Krabi!

  5. azuan on 03 Jan 2012 at 1142 #

    Went to Krabi last week and my wife and i kept saying “ahhh this is where Dr Naim took that photo, this photo,,,,” hehehe thanks for the guide.

    and yes that mosque masih macam tu…

  6. naim on 03 Jan 2012 at 1641 #

    Thanks, tapi kesian masjid tu …

  7. She on 27 Feb 2012 at 0327 #

    Salam may i know how much does it costs for island hopping if you still remember?

  8. naim on 16 Mar 2012 at 1012 #

    Sorry, too long ago, can’t remember. You can always google for latest info, or just shop for it when you are there – plenty of agents.

  9. danial on 25 May 2012 at 1259 #


    yea yea!! dah pegi Aonang dah minggu lepas…thanks sbb bagi info dan tips…btw pasal masjid tu mmg dah terbekalai lama since 2008 time economy crisis sbb main funder masjid tu adalah dari Dubai (my tour guide cakap laa)…huhu

    and for She, the island hopping is varies from each package…range between RM90-150/pax (with return and lunch)…make sure request for speed boat and not the longtail boat (cheaper) if you travel with kids… 🙂

    longtail tu sesuai utk solo rider, diver atau adventurers je kot…

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