12: Malaysia > Sarawak > Mulu > Lang Cave

After a short mid-day siesta, we join Jerry, another pleasant Park ranger, for the afternoon visit to the other 2 famous caves – Lang and Deer.

Aina hurriedly arrives at the rendezvous point …03-02-2007-14-19-00.JPG

… and soon we are treading the same boardwalk we took yesterday to see the bats.03-02-2007-14-50-32.JPG

After a 45-min walk, we arrive at the Bat Lookout again, with the caves some 400m away. But it begins to drizzle so we take refuge at the Lookout rest hut.03-02-2007-15-31-22.JPG

As the weather improves, we approach the caves, Lang Cave first, named after a local Berawan hunter, called … Lang. Nice story on this cave HERE.

Along the way, magnificent giant yams.03-02-2007-15-52-20.JPG

We come to the cave entrance. I notice most cave entrances look plain and boring, until you step inside.03-02-2007-16-14-00.JPG

A bit of education first. Lang Cave is relatively small and cute, a boutique cave if I may say so. 03-02-2007-16-13-44.JPG

I step into the cave and look back …

… and more amazing sights lie ahead.03-02-2007-16-03-14.JPG

This cave is also a youngster, relative to the others.

The ceiling is low, and there are wavy things up there, not found in other caves.


Still more wavy stuff at the ceiling.03-02-2007-16-09-03.JPG

Low ceiling, narrow path, so we single-file.03-02-2007-16-02-53.JPG

An alien being, deep-frozen.03-02-2007-16-01-16.JPG

Special type of stalactite.03-02-2007-16-04-36.JPG

More of the stuff hanging from the ceiling here …03-02-2007-16-05-17.JPG

… and here.03-02-2007-16-07-21.JPG

And then there are things that look like stacks of blobs. 03-02-2007-16-08-22.JPG

I wonder how old this pole is? Millions of years, for sure. 03-02-2007-16-07-51.JPG

A stalactite and a stalagmite kissing at last.03-02-2007-16-08-48.JPG

Lang Cave is indeed petite and pretty, and so with a heavy heart I find myself leaving it …03-02-2007-16-15-37.JPG

… and strolling towards the mother of ’em all, Deer Cave, just several hundred metres away.