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Yesterday (11 April ’09) we were loitering in the Senawang area, just south of Seremban, when we decided to pay the oft-mentioned cendol paradise of Leman Dawi’s. What is cendol (pronounced ‘chen-doll’)? See HERE.

And where’s exactly Cendol Leman Dawi? Location: HERE

Along the Seremban-Tampin trunk road, just after Senawang, you won’t miss it on the left. There are plenty of cars to draw your attention.

Cars diligently file in non-stop to fill up the nook and cranny of the compound.img_4603

The white tents and the eye-catching yellow banners will pull you in.

Makeshift stools under the cool shade, near the main road, attest to the popularity of this spot. In the distance, a family is enjoying the goodies. Great stuff!

Free refills make the whole affair even more exciting, especially for freeloaders.

Mr Leman Dawi himself is on hand to greet visitors, and to bark instructions to his efficient workers. He’d look more handsome with shoes on.

Otherwise he’s found bonding with his guests. A very colourful and vocal character, Leman Dawi is.

There’s a solid queue as we enter the tent. Hope the chow is not sold out yet. The popular cendol normally gets finished by early afternoon, sometimes even earlier. :D

Expectant cendol junkies patiently await their turns.

In the ‘kitchen’, staff are feverishly preparing more cendol and goodies.

Fancy some barley drinks to wash down your cendol? Grab them for free, unlimited refills.

Festive mood under the warm canopy, but things are orderly.

So here’s the beef. Plain-looking cendol, but the taste … ummm … pretty decent, especially the freshly-prepared green cendol, and the accompanying coconut milk syrup.

And of course, the free refill. Just serve yourself, but frankly, the thing is so watery and sweet that you can’t really take in much. But that’s just me, maybe.

Cendol Leman Dawi done, and we decide to leave after only two lame helpings.img_4614

Meanwhile it’s standing squatting room only, as the crowd builds up.img_4613

Will we come back? I guess so, just for the great festive-like ambience and to bump into Mr Leman Dawi again. Great cendol a bonus, I’d say. :mrgreen:



7 Responses to “Malaysia > Negeri Sembilan > Cendol Leman Dawi”

  1. Maarof on 13 Apr 2009 at 1540 #

    Dr. Naim,

    To tell you the truth although I am staying in Seremban I have never been to Cendol Leman Dawi. But it looks like I have to break the record. Went to SDAR ya? Well, I am an ex-Sdarian.

  2. naim on 21 Apr 2009 at 1328 #

    Yes, bro, go to Leman Dawi just for the experience. 😀

    Anyway, our #5 kid is at SDAR now, Form 4. Very nice campus they have at Sg Gadut. Me, I only went to a Malay school somewhere near the Kuala Kangsar train station.

  3. Afiq on 19 Apr 2010 at 1948 #

    The legendary Cendol Leman Dawi! He started only with a small pickup truck in the early days and now moving to a permanent and bigger premise. I never missed to have sips of cendol (multiple refill, of course) every time I come to Seremban. By the way, I am a SDARian too. Once a SDARian, Always a SDARian. I studied in both Sikamat and Sg. Gadut campus during my study from year 2000 to 2004. 🙂

  4. mimi on 28 Apr 2010 at 1002 #

    da pergi makan kt cny..mmg cdp..cke cgt..

  5. Mizi on 13 May 2011 at 2058 #

    Saya berpendapat ada baiknya cerita pasal cendol ini ditulis dlm BM kerana ianya lebih sedap dibaca seperti makan cendol. Lagi pun ianya terletak dlm negara kita Malaysia dan daulatkan Bahasa Kebangsaan kita. Adakan version BI jika boleh. Kalau cendol tu memang sedap x perlu risau jika x tulis BI. Maaflah jika ada yg x setuju.

    Batu Pahat

  6. naim on 25 May 2011 at 1048 #

    It’s meant for the global audience, thanks.

  7. Blur on 27 Mar 2012 at 2104 #

    X penah pegi makan kat sini tapi orang cakap kalau kita pandang si leman dawi ni mesti dia duduk sembang sebelah kita

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