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Afternoon, 17 May 2008. This memorable 15min ferry ride between Butterworth and Georgetown is recommended for any visitor to Penang. A Malaysian institution, it began service way back in 1920. I never grow tired of it, just like riding the Star Ferry in Hong Kong. 🙂

Approaching the Butterworth Ferry Terminal on the mainland side. The road curves to the left, and the green-roofed plaza is where we pay for our car ticket.

There’s a long queue due to traffic fleeing the Penang Bridge congestion happening right now, just like us.

After 30min of queueing, our turn to board the ferry.

Driving onto the lower deck of the ferry.

Our destination, Georgetown on Penang Island, is just 3.5km away.

From the bow, cars are neatly arranged in rows, four abreast.

Next to us, ferry Pulau Payar, which has both decks for cars, berths.

Looking northwards along Butterworth coast, at the Shell facilities.

Leaving the Butterworth Ferry Terminal.

Penang Island beckons.

The upper deck for passengers. Leave car below and climb the staircase up here for great views and ambience.

Lower deck crammed with cars with bikes filling up the gaps.

Another ferry makes its way to Butterworth from Georgetown.

It’s the Pulau Undan, passing on our port side.

Aina’s last ferry ride here was 7 years ago.

Ayi at the stern. Note the Penang Bridge in the background, 6km away.

Looking back at Butterworth – the North Container Terminal.

View of lower deck from the stern, which is packed with bikes.

Mae, Ayi & Aina at the stern.

Mae, Ayi & Aina at the stern

On the starboard side, another ferry passes us.

A very blue Pulau Talang-talang.

We approach the Georgetown Ferry Terminal.

To its right a new marina.

Further afield, more development at Sweetenham Pier.

Driving on the ramp, we duly leave the ferry for solid ground.

Welcome to Georgetown, capital of Penang, the Pearl of the Orient.

At least, they still remember Mr Sweetenham here. He was appointed in 1889, the first Resident-General of the British Federated Malay States, the chief executive.


More Penang scenes

Along Lebuh Light, dating from the early 1800s, the State Legislative Assembly building … all the best, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng!

St George’s Church, oldest Anglican church in Southeast Asia, completed 1818.

‘Shih Chung Branch School’, an Anglo-Chinese mansion originally built in the 1880s as a wealthy man’s home.

Another ‘old school’, but still operational – Wellesley Primary School.

Nicely-done old shophouses at the corner of Jalan Larut and Jalan Hutton.

This joint must be doing roaring business nowadays. smile.gif

Old Chinese shophouse along Jalan Burma.

Along Bayan Lepas Expressway, highrises typical of modern Penang.

Towers at the main span of Penang Bridge. The whole bridge is in the midst of construction work of 2 additional lanes to the 4 already there.

Looks like major cable work up there.

Past the main span to head for the mainland.


Note: Pics captured with Canon 450D + Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5.