26: Malaysia > Sabah > Semporna Again

22nd June 2007. After three months, I’m returning to Semporna with a bunch of guys (whom I shall call Mr A, Mr D and Mr E), for hopefully, a spot of fishing. As usual, we start early at KLIA, in time to catch this special plane next to ours. semporna-22-06-2007-07-16-33.JPG

2.5 hours later and we cruise over the interior of Sabah, still covered in morning mists. semporna-22-06-2007-09-43-51.JPG

The Tawau-Semporna-Lahad Datu corridor is oil palm country.semporna-22-06-2007-09-48-09.JPG

Plantation right to the Tawau airport runway. semporna-22-06-2007-09-53-35.JPG

On the ground after a morning shower. Hope the weather holds for us.semporna-22-06-2007-10-04-23.JPG

I was here barely 3 months back! In red, Mr E.semporna-22-06-2007-10-03-38.JPG

First stop: Tawau. Mr D admires the waterfront.semporna-22-06-2007-12-15-01.JPG

For golfers, a stop at Shan-Shui is a must, once voted Asia’s Best. No exception with Mr A.semporna-22-06-2007-13-21-24.JPG

The clubhouse, looking harmless enough.semporna-22-06-2007-13-11-32.JPG

But the golf course is something else. semporna-22-06-2007-13-06-14.JPG

Fantastic design.


The obligatory pose.


Enough Shan-Shin sightseeing, we leave for Semporna, and we are putting up at the waterfront Seafest Hotel. semporna-24-06-2007-06-21-23.JPG

Jetty in front of the hotel, great spot for unwinding, and watching boats and people, and the occasional fish-spotting.semporna-24-06-2007-06-23-35.JPG

Pricey ship for divers awaits clients. Bodgaya Island looks like huge hills behind the water village, but is actually 15km away in the Sulu Sea.


Even at the jetty, the water is crystal clear.semporna-22-06-2007-16-06-02.JPG

Behind the hotel, there is a dock for ocean-going fishing boats, and these puppies are going fishing for the night. Note the awesome spotlights.


From afar, nice-to-look-at water village. Come near, sewage is another matter.semporna-22-06-2007-16-36-33.JPG

As the day ends, the normally-bustling commuter quay at Semporna becomes almost lifeless.semporna-22-06-2007-17-33-42.JPG

Early next morning, Fishing Day, but a depressing sight greets us.

It gets worse as the morning progresses.img_9753.JPG

Not good, not good at all.semporna-23-06-2007-06-43-33.JPG

Even the friendly locals feel sorry for us, city-slickers.

A quick conference in the hotel restaurant – wait till 9.30am or bust!

Meanwhile fishing boats are returning to base.

A hive of activities at the dockyard.

Truly impressive stuff.

Business in progress.

Suddenly a break in the dark, foreboding clouds. Looking good. img_9777.JPG

Yeah, all systems go! With our gear, we wait for the boat at the jetty.

A small boat arrives laden with fat juicy fish. Great sign! img_9778.JPG

Soon our own transport arrives – the one heading this way lah.img_9784.JPG