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Thursday, 27th November 2008

I just got home from Singapore, where I stumbled upon their magnificent Xmas displays. smile.gif


A Singapore icon, no doubt. Changi International Airport Control Tower.

Dusk falls … and I wander the terminals while waiting for the missus, and I find some treasures …

Terminal 1. Mickey the fearsome pirate.

And the ship’s crew have fled, in fear I suppose.

Terminal 2. Minnie and Mickey celebrate Xmas at their house.

Never knew they lived in Holland. wink.gif

Terminal 3. The fabulous foursome arrive at Changi.

My all-time favourite has always been Goofy. That’s our little secret. 😉


Earlier in the day, I had to attend a function at the InterContinental, and as I exited Bugis MRT station to make my way to the hotel, I found myself a Malay street, literally.

The entrance sort of pulls me in …

… and I am not disappointed.

Gorgeous old architecture being tastefully preserved and presented.

There’s Malabar Street here, which reminds me of the famous Kerala spicy coconut-y fish dishes!

Row of closed stalls in the middle of the old street, too early to start hawking goods.

And of course, the posh InterContinental …

… which faces Hylam Street.

Finally at the other end, entrance to Malay Street bedecked with Xmas decorations, but Santa’s missing!




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