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Friday, 23 January 2009

Third day in Aonang, and we decide to catch one of these red ‘taxis’ to Krabi Town, some 20km away.

Just the two of us in this open-air taxi, and it’s quite a romantic ride especially in the cool morning air. 😉

The slow speed gives me ample time to take pics, such as of this bunch of happy farangs.

Wide streets welcome us as we enter the township of Krabi (population: 25,000), capital of Krabi Province, founded 200 years ago.img_1186

There’s a souped-up American jeep too.


Thirty minutes after leaving Aonang in the slow-ish taxi, we are at the colourful main street of Krabi town.

The main junction in town is guarded by four simians straddling the traffic lights, three of them shown here.

Up close, they’re beginning to look more human.

What are these odd creatures doing here? Well, a short tale at the street corner explains.

There’s nothing really interesting in Krabi town, except maybe the Krabi river.

Next to the river, a rather leafy esplanade, which is most welcomed on a hot day like now.img_1198

On the river bank, there’s a nice park with the theme of sea creatures, as hot as an oven now, but in the evenings, this must be a popular spot to unwind.img_1196

A rather conspicuous landmark in downtown Krabi, and no, the website has nothing to do with football. img_1208

A street stall selling colourful, sweet Thai desserts always look interesting.

This curio shop could be of interest too, where second-hand ancient black vinyl records are still being sold.

Inside the shop, you name it, we got it!img_1204

Krabi attracts a lot of visitors from Scandinavia. There’re even regular chartered flights from Stockholm in winter, direct to Krabi airport.img_1216

Along the main street, there’s a great-looking wat atop a small hill.img_1219

Mountains of fruits at the night market, which obviously opens a bit early.img_1253

In any case, you can’t go wrong with local foods, which are always interesting, such as these tom-yam and beef soups. Tasty stuff. Halal too.Image

I gaze at the wall of this restaurant cum travel agent. Hmmmm … the Malaysian border in just 6.5 hours by road?img_1220

We did Krabi Town in 2.5 hours and are soon back at pleasant Aonang. Good outing.img_1280



2 Responses to “Thailand > Krabi Town”

  1. Misa on 26 Mar 2009 at 1059 #

    Hi Ms Nuraina,

    I am from Malaysia as well.
    As our group will be visiting Krabi this coming school holiday (June 2009 ), your blog gives quite a good picture what to be expected there. I personally would like to thank you for your effort. Nice pictures with crisp side notation.

    By the way our group will stage a car convoy to Krabi consisted of 26 cars. We are from Malaysian Estima Owners Group or MEOG. Membership is free and this group is open for any car owners as well. If you have any other important message that you would like us to take note, please drop me an email

    Thank you and I wish you the best.


  2. naim on 26 Mar 2009 at 1109 #

    Thanks, Misa, actually ‘nuraina’ in ‘’ is our youngest. 😀

    In any case, do enjoy Krabi and the area, pls read my earlier Krabi entries here (with the kids, including Nuraina herself):

    Nothing much in Krabi Town itself, so focus your stay on other (seaside) spots. Island-hopping is a must. All the best with the drive. Very decent roads up there, just watch out for local traffic.

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